Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 5 - Wilber to Syracuse

Pumping up the tires at 5:30 a.m. Everybody is anxious to get home.

Typical crowd of bikers at the Cortland gas station, fueling up for the last 45 miles to Syracuse.

Jace calling 911 in Roca after an idiot in a truck tried to run the teamFire guys off the road, then braked in front of them to try to make them crash into his truck. About 30 seconds before that, he had tried to run Kevin and me off of the road as well. This was the only inconsiderate and dangerous act I witnessed or heard about on the entire 300+ miles of the tour.


KimC said...

Hey Bob-great pics!

Not to change the subject but do you perform w/T. Larson, P. Schofield? As I think about it, you look like the fellow that does.

Bob K said...

Yes, I do play with occasionally with Tom Larson and with John Scofield (I think that's who you meant).

Adrian_O said...

What is it that you play Bob? Who are those cool looking guys in the green jerseys?

Bob K said...

I play trumpet with various different groups - primarily the Nebraska Jazz Orchestra (see Jazz in June post above) and with my own jazz quartet.

As far as the cool guys in green jerseys, I'm not sure who they are as they kept whizzing by me so fast I couldn't really identify them.