Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pics (mostly stolen)

I haven't posted many cycling pics lately, so here is the post to make up for that. Some of these are mine, some are Nicol's and some I got from from Adrian and Sean's Facebook photos (since some of you, ahem ahem, are not on Facebook and might have not seen them yet.

Here are some pics from recent rides on the Roca Rollers - Adrian probably took the ones that I am in. In the second pic, you'll notice that I am observed from the usual perspective of valiantly trying to catch up with the group (I am on the right). Some of the photo subjects are reluctant to have their pictures taken, and insist on remaining anonymous.

On Friday, several teammates and friends rode with celebrity Phil Keoghan (host of the Amazing Race) as he rode to Omaha. Kudos to all for participating - and to Janna for becoming a video vixen (see kew's post below). I couldn't be there, but I stole some pics from Adrian and Sean so that those who aren't on Facebook could see them.

On Sunday, Gravy and I rode over to watch the Tour de Husker criterium. Most of these pics are mine, but the first two with me in them are from Nicol. At least she got my good side. Kudos again to Megan, Anna, Kevin, Janna, Kim and all of the other racers on surviving a very tough day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Da Term is famous!

Janna -- you rock. I'm jealous. Check out Da Term riding with Phil to Omaha on Day 21...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fan guide for criteriums

I intend to watch the criterium being held at LSW on Sunday afternoon - fortuitously, there was an amusing article by Scott Martin on how to act as a fan at a crit in this week's RoadBikeRider newsletter.

Fan Guide

While at my hometown's annual criterium last weekend, I realized that bike racing is not only confusing to do, it's also confusing for most people to watch. So here are some pointers the next time you're at the races:

Helpful things to shout:

  • "Your teammate is bridging up to you."

  • "Four riders have a 15-second lead, but two of them aren't pulling."

  • "Take turn 1 wide. I sprinkled carpet tacks on the inside." (Best said sotto voce.)

Unhelpful things to shout:

  • "Go faster!"

  • "You're getting dropped."

  • "Boy, do you stink."

How to answer when bystanders ask why you're not racing:

  • "I put the 'cry' in criterium."

  • "I get dizzy riding around in circles."

  • "I prefer it when my skin is attached to my body."

What to yell at French riders:

  • "Allez, allez!"

What to yell at Italian riders:

  • "Forza, forza!"

What to yell at Spanish riders:

  • "Venga, venga!"

What to yell at American riders:

  • "Get outta the f *****g road, you spandex weirdoes. I'm late for work."

Know your victory salutes:

  • Two arms upraised: Classic, says it all.

  • One arm upraised: See above, only too tired to raise other arm.

  • Rocking imaginary baby: I dedicate this win to my newborn daughter/son.

  • Pointing index finger skyward: I dedicate this win to my deceased teammate/coach/bike washer.

  • Pumping a clenched fist: Take that, you disbelieving team manager/cycling journalist/boy- or girlfriend who dumped me.

  • Firing invisible pistol: I'm the baddest hombre in town.

  • Shooting invisible bow and arrow: I'm the baddest indigenous person on the prairie.

  • No salute: I hope there isn't any drug testing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anybody else an Amazing Race fan?

Phil, the host of The Amazing Race, is riding his road bike across America and is scheduled to stop at SouthPointe Mall in Lincoln Friday at 8 a.m. You can ride with him out of Lincoln after signing a waiver on his Web site. Sounds very cool.

Check his video blog out on his web site. He looks like a pretty hardcore cyclist.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rascally Flats

Although I had a rehearsal at 7 pm Wednesday night, the weather was too good to stay home, so I rushed home from work, threw on the kit, and went out to get some miles in, with the idea that I would finish my ride at the bench at 5:30 so I could roll out with the teamFIRE ride.

My plan was to ride with the group as far as LSW, then turn east and head home. Adrian was planning on going as far as Saltillo before turning back because he had to finish early as well, so I decided to go with him out to Saltillo. Jace led us out on 14th street, with me second wheel. After Jace finished his pull, in the middle of my pull, Adrian attacked and flew up the road. I decided to pick up the pace to see if we could catch him. The group got going pretty good at about 24 mph, and I pulled off to rotate back. Just after I resumed my place behind Jace, I hit a big rock with my front wheel, and the dreaded pfffffttt sound starts. Now, the last two times I rode with Jace last fall, I got flats. I don't know if it's time to replace my tires or if I should just go home when I see Jace show up for a ride :)

Saturday looks like the only nice day coming up in the next four or five - anybody up for a ride out to Bennet - take the rollers home through Roca? Looks like the wind is going to be out of the SSE and is light in the morning, picking up through the day. I was thinking of maybe starting at the bench at 10:30 am - we can decide there if we want to go east on hwy 2 and do the rollers last with the wind, or if we want to go south first and do the rollers and then come home on hwy 2 with the southeast wind behind us. Let me know if you are interested or have a better or different proposal for route or time - I just want to get 30-40 miles in Saturday and would rather deal with the wind in a group than on a solo ride.