Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Ride

Heading out of Elmwood we found a picturesque church. Another cyclist happened by and took our picture.

Getting ready to head in to lunch in Louisville. We started in Elmwood, rode north through Murdock to the turn by Quarry Oaks, took hiway 66 past Mahoney State Park to Ashland, turned north on hiway 6 to the Nebraska Crossings Outlet Mall with a rest stop at the Flying J truck stop. Next we took hiway 31 south through Schramm State Park and over the Lied bridge to hiway 66, then hiway 50 to lunch in a cafe in Louisville. After lunch it was north across the Platte River again, this time on 50, looped around west on 31 to the Lied bridge, which we crossed for the second time that day, then back up 66 through South Bend up to Quarry Oaks, where we turned south to head back to the cars at Elmwood. Ride total was about 60 miles - good weather, good company, and only two flats (Rusty and Dave) and one crash (me - no injuries to me or the bike).


kevin said...

What a Motley Crew! Sounds like you guys had fun. Sorry I had to bail -- next time, though, the Schwinn will be out there!

Adrian_O said...

And why was this not posted anywhere?

Bob K said...

Adrian, thanks for inquiring about having me post on the Lincoln Roadies blog. To invite me to join that blog, you can email me at