Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trainer anyone?

This weather has kept me from bike commuting the last couple days. Commuting by bike gets in your blood. For me, a couple of days off the bike and I'm chomping at the bit. I've never been on a trainer and doubt I could stick with it. It seems like the equivalent to running on a treadmill. Being stationary just doesn't do it for me. What have your experiences been using a trainer? Do you watch TV while spinning? Is it tolerable?


Bob K said...

I rarely just turn on the t.v. and start spinning - I use a CTS DVD that came with the trainer and a Spinervals DVD while I'm riding. These use intervals to keep you interested and focused. It helps if you have a cadence function on your computer as a lot of the workout is organized using various cadence tempos and different gearing.

The only problem with these videos is that the riders on the video are all fast, and I keep getting dropped.

Adrian_O said...

I use the CTS Doovdes - "Power Training" is pretty intense.