Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rode in today -- yay!

Finally -- it wasn't too cold or too icy for me to ride. I know there are heartier people out there, but my cutoff is 15 degrees for bike commuting. Below that and it ceases to be enjoyable for me. The ride home should be sweet -- temp reads 38 degrees right now!

Spring can't get here fast enough.


Bob K said...

Yeah, it was nice Wednesday. I went out for about 15-20 mi. at 4:30 p.m. - struggled big time with the headwind. I always have a tailwind in my basement.

Looks like 41 degrees on Saturday - want to ride?

kevin said...

Yeah, I might be interested if the weather gets nice.

BTW -- I signed up to be ride leader for a GPBC ride in May. (ride down to the Mill to swill coffee).

I've penciled you in, so get your hybrid with aero bars tuned-up.

Bob K said...

I think I'll show up for your ride on my kid's Crap-Mart 40 pound mountain bike wearing full team kit.