Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gender Analyzer

After reading BSNYC's post on the Gender Analyzer, which analyzes a blog's content and attempts to determine the gender of the author of the blog, I decided to run some of the locally authored blogs which I frequently check on through the analyzer to see what would happen.

The results (click on the pictures to see the results for each blog):



Lincoln Roadies


Loup Garou's Adventures

ride your bike


Die Ideen

Folks from Lincoln

You may draw your own conclusions.


gravy said...

Yeah... Analyze this!

*insert inappropriate gesture here*

kew said...

So, to summarize:

1) Bob and I are the only men around here;

2) Loup Garou and Newfangled are "Pats"

3) The rest of you, well...

hehehehehehhehehe HHHAAAHAHAAA!

gravy said...

Hey kew, go clench yourself.


nicol said...

Haaaaaaa! "Pats" Ha! That's hilarious!!! :D

Thanks, Kew. I needed a laugh today. But, I am disturbed why mine isn't coming up girly?

Irish Husker Girl said...

LOVE IT! I needed the laugh.

Bob K said...

Here is a secret - I ran my blog through the Gender Analyzer before I posted the cyclocross pics - after I posted the pics, it analyzed this blog as having a 93% probability that it is written by a woman.

I don't know if that has more to do with the content of the blog, the accuracy of Gender Analyzer, or possible gender confusion of cyclocross racers.

(ducks for cover)