Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saturday gig, Sunday ride...

On Saturday, the weather was perfect for ride, but I was stuck inside doing my other job. One of the best things about being a freelance musician is the opportunity to do different kinds of gigs. This one was a show playing in the horn section for the Four Tops. It was a fun but grueling day, as we rehearsed from 2-4, did a sound check until 5, then had to wait around until 9:30 for the show. Great band to play with, the rhythm section guys all travel with them on tour, and then they hire local horn players to fill out the band. The rhythm section we played with and the arrangements we played are the same as on this video.

To get in the stage door, we had to go around behind the museum, which is where they store the planes they are restoring. Definitely a unique parking lot.

This was a pretty big-time show technically - one of the stage hands told me that it was an 8 hour load-in.

The only bad part about the gig other than the wait between the sound check and the show were the stools the brass players had to use. They were exactly the right height to be supremely uncomfortable.

On Sunday, despite the showers that came right before we were to meet, six of us went for a nice 35-40 mile ride out out to Princeton. The weather improved as we rode, and I'm glad everybody showed - thanks to Loup Garou, Kew, David R., Todd, and Kelly B. for coming out. I think that we should just make that a regular meeting time and place (1:00 on Sunday afternoons at the bench) for anybody who wants to do a Sunday ride and can't go in the morning.


kew said...

Good pics Bob. After departing the group, I rode through Roca on the way back. Sorry about bailing, but I'm too slow and didn't feel like busting it to keep up nor wanted to have you guys constantly wait.

Bob K said...

You probably did more miles than we did. Never worry about holding up the group - I do that enough for both of us.