Thursday, May 7, 2009


I finally had a Wednesday night off last night, so I could go to the teamFIRE ride. It was so great to also finally have a nice warm night on which to ride - reflected in the 20-25 riders who showed for the ride. The wind was out of the northwest, which is a bit unusual, but we headed south anyway on 14th street. Jendeluxe was running a bit late, so she met us by the RR tracks, and we cruised at 23-24 mph (with a tailwind) out to Saltillo, which we took west to SW 12th, and then bucked the wind out to Pioneers Park. The group had split up quite a bit by then, so at Denton road Kelly B. and I dropped out of the lead group and regrouped with the others. The second group then headed to Pioneers for a lap, after which Jen, Kelly, Matt and I booked it back to Old Cheney while others took the bike path home. It ended up being a very pleasant 30+ mile ride in beautiful weather. It was still nice and warm late in the evening, so in order to keep the true spirit of teamFIRE alive, Jen and I headed to Las Margaritas to finish the ride. Hopefully more of you can join us next time :).

Notice the complete lack of weenie or wussie accusations in the above post. I feel I am showing great restraint in this.


gravy said...

JenD knew I was busy last night. She knew why I couldn't answer your call.

So, what do you think of Angela Davis?

nicol said...

Thank you for letting me draft off of ya last night, Bob K! Much appreciated. I had a good time with our Pioneer's park group.

kew said...

Only two for Margeritas? I was tempted to come out when you called, Bob -- but I had just volunteered to make an ice cream run.

Bob K said...

Gravy - are you referring to the political activist?

Nicol - no problem, glad my fat *** can actually help!

Kevin - you should have come out and taken home some fried ice cream.

gravy said...

Yes, if you are familiar with her.

I'm garnering opinions for a project.