Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time for Toodlin'

It is supposed to be sunny, light wind, and a high in the upper 30's on Saturday.  Anybody interested in a little afternoon toodlin'?


gravy said...

Are we talking road toodlin or path toodlin?

We need Nic to score us some quick-step-stop drinkies.

Bob K said...

I was thinking road, but I'm up for anything that gets me outside and on the bike for more than an hour.

gravy said...

training for a one hour tour?

i'm not sure i could secure my manhood clipped in with skinnies just yet. there's still plenty of ice patches... but maybe that's just wussy talk... which i fluently spew forth.

Bob K said...

I'm open to any suggestions. I just want to ride - I won't have many weekends off over the next couple of months.

gravy said...

Call out a meeting time and a place and a destination and a bike pref.

Bobk, designated leader of the pack, DLP