Monday, September 26, 2011

Up, Down... waiting for the next Up now.


Yesterday was the first day this year I felt like I had my legs. Every other ride there was either some twinge, some ache, some weakness or something just felt off. Finally, now that it's heading to the end of the year for long rides the legs come around. Dangit.

I got to say it was a nice ride yesterday. The only complaint I got is in my wrists. Those graded sections were fine yesterday but today... I feel like my hands are going to fall off.

Great party last night. Bummed I couldn't stay later. Got up this morning and checked the ol' school message board and yup, at 10:36 yesterday morning another assignment was heaped on to us. So now this week I have a paper, I have to create some webpages and now a group assignment. Blech!


gravy said...

It felt like I had a tail wind going up all the hills. I was having so much fun I felt like accelerating up them... cuz it might be the last hill I ever climb feeling this good.

I know Loup was at the other end of the spectrum after he depleted his leggage the day before.

I felt like Scottie was in my engine room and I'm ordering more power and he's like, "Okey Dokey, Captain."

Like, totally like.

gravy said...

Oh... I was a big man yesterday. Maybe even colossal!

Today, back to the norms.

nicol said...

Hi GRAVY! :)

gravy said...

Oh no! I didn't call again!

nicol said...

I feel so deserted!