Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let's Play "Where's Kevin"

It was nearly 70 degrees and sunny on Saturday, and teamFIRE headed out to Roca and on to Bennett for some good times and good food. The ride was about 39 miles with a pretty good SW breeze, but was great fun. Even though I had been sick all week, I showed up after being told by Kevin on the teamFIRE blog to "suck it up" and after being called, I believe, a "wussie" for thinking of not coming.

Lots of people showed - Janna, Nicol, Kim, Gravy, Jace, Adrian, Kevin M., Richard, Mark, Dave, and Kelly. And yet where was Kevin W.? Take a look below and see if you can find Kevin - you may have to click to enlarge the pic to find Kevin.

Here some of the riders are outside of Mamasitas in Bennett. Where is Kevin?

Another picture of even more riders. Where is Kevin?

Yet another picture of teamFIRE members and others enjoying the nice weather. Where's Kevin?

Finally, some of us enjoying a nice lunch at Mamasitas. Where's Kevin?

Expect much abuse :)


kevin said...

Well from the looks of it -- it looks I like a had a GREAT time!

I ended up biking to the park with the wife (on her new bike) and son. I was torn, believe me. Glad to hear you guys had a great time. I was there in spirit if that counts for anything!

But you're right, I deserve some abuse.

da terminator said...

I talked to Kevin before I left Saturday and he said something about it being too windy and making a trip to the store for more beer.

Adrian_O said...

Janna - I thought you said he was in his wonder woman underoos when he said that...and it wasn't was a 6pack of Zimas and sour apple pucker.

kevin said...

Janna!? what happened to the neighborhood code? -- "What happens in Briarhurst West STAYS in Briarhurst West."

Bob K said...

(runs to get popcorn)

Bob K said...

A friend of my sister whose husband knows the wife of a guy who works with Kevin's wife said that she saw Kevin riding with his family that morning - he was letting his wife and son pull while he sat in the draft.

Adrian_O said...

Bob - don't tell me he was drafting in a green jersey.

kevin said...

Me? Drafting? --- Why do you think I bought my wife an upright bike?

gravy said...

We have a code?

What's Briarhurst West?

Geez Kevin, you're so lazy, you haven't even welcomed me to the neighborhood!