Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Drop, or No Rider Left Behind?

Last night was the first teamFIRE Wednesday No Rider Left Behind ride of the year. There were 16 riders, most of them familiar faces. We stayed together as a group going out 14th to Saltillo (with the wind, at a fast pace 22-24 mph). When we started up the hill on Saltillo west of Hiway 77 (heading towards SW 12th, where we would turn north to go to Pioneers), the group immediately splintered - probably partly due to the hill, and maybe partly due to the pressure of trying to keep pace with the group on 14th street. One guy was really struggling up the hill, so I stayed back with him. Eventually he told me to go ahead as he was going to turn around and head home. At the crest of the hill were four more riders resting as one girl was having trouble breathing (asthma, I think). Since there were teamFIRE riders with them, I went ahead to try to catch the lead group, which did not wait for a regroup at the stop sign at 12th and Saltillo. They did, however wait at 12th and Denton road.

My question is this (as a new member), is this meant to be a no-drop ride, where everybody tries to stay together for the whole ride? Or is it supposed to be more a situation where the fast riders ride their pace, but we just make sure somebody is bringing up the rear? I'm ok with either philosophy, although I do think it more encouraging to the newer riders if they can ride the whole time with the pack.


Adrian_O said...

Ride at own pace, hopefully not too fast since it is a beginner type ride and a teamfire member always making sure no one is alone coming back.

kevin said...

Had large group -- probably 15-20, which was great. The wind sucked, but that's how it goes.

I know there were a couple people struggling, as Bob said. I don't know what happened with the group behind us that Nicol was in. I hope everyone had an enjoyable time.

Adrian -- we missed ya.

nicol said...

Hello. The group I was in was stopped for a bit. We caught up with y'all at the stop sign on Denton road. Then, we took it slow, because one of the riders having breathing difficulties. We just turned down Old Cheney to go home soon afterward, because she'd basically had enough of the wind at that point.

I almost didn't go Wednesday because of all that wind, but I am glad I did. Looks like snow is coming again.

kevin said...

Good to hear you guys finished OK, Nicol. Yeah, that wind was kind of nasty.

Between your group and the group we were in (Jen, me, Bob, Emory and Jason) we were all about the same pace, which was nice.

catch ya at the next one!

Bob K said...

I think we need an all tailwind ride. Just ride with the wind until we feel like stopping (or we get to a bar), then get on the cell phones to call somebody to pick us up.

I guess headwinds take the place of hills here for us flatlanders.

Glad everything turned out ok for the group you were with Nicol, thanks for the update.