Monday, April 14, 2008

Too much, too early?

I had Monday afternoon off from work, and it was finally a nice day, so I wanted to take advantage and get a good ride in - intended to go about 40 miles. I headed out into the wind, taking 77 to Cortland. After a short break, I felt good enough to keep going, so I got on 77 and headed south. As I passed the junction with 41, I thought that it might be fun to go to Adams, so I turned around and headed east on 41 to Adams. I then rode with the wind up 43 towards Bennett, then took the Roca rollers through Roca and back to 77 and then home. Ended up being 55 miles at about a 15.7 mph avg. speed (39.8 max speed down a hill between Adams and Bennett, couldn't push it over 40) - slow average for most I'm sure, but pretty good for me for a solo ride. This was the longest solo ride I've ever done - last year at this time my longest ride ever was 30 miles.

Anyway, I didn't really feel any significant fatigue until I got about halfway through the rollers, and didn't really feel any pain until I got home - when I noticed pain just above and to the inside of my left knee (not the problem I had last summer). It almost feels bruised. I tried ice and ibuprofen - hopefully I'll be ok for Wednesday night's ride.


kevinW said...

You're way ahead of me. I've been dragged down by a cold for over a week. I haven't had any energy. Just hoping it doesn't turn into bronchitis.

At some point -- the weather and my body are going to sync up, hopefully.

Bob K said...

We'll see how much on top of it I am if I have to take time off because I tried to grind my knees into powder.

I do feel better this morning, however. You have to get better as well so we can both make Wednesday night's ride.

nicol said...

That sounds like a good ride!

I had a knee issue (inside, bend of left knee) last year on BRAN. Had to totally compensate by using the other leg more. I still don't really know what it was from. I thought it was a seat height issue, but then it could have just been that I was riding in too high of a gear when I shouldn't have been. I did that a lot and people commented enough that I really tried to change that. I try to spin more now, in lower gears on inclines and haven't had an issue (yet). Let's hope it stays that way.

Hope you get yours all figured out, so it doesn't happen again or get worse.

Adrian_O said...

are you grinding on the big ring?

Bob K said...

I'm only grinding up hills when I'm trying to keep up with you guys. Otherwise I try to spin up the hills - 90-100 rpm. I was in the big ring a lot coming from Adams to Bennett yesterday (I was riding with the wind, so it seemed easy to spin the bigger gear). Riding the Roca rollers in a crosswind I was almost exclusively in my 34x21 or 34x23 up the hills (34x25 up the steepest hills). The knees feel fine this afternoon - I think they were just complaining about the sudden increase in mileage and hills.

kevinW said...

I'm iffy for Wednesday's ride. Don't have much energy, plus my knee. We'll see -- I may show up and either fall way behind or just turn around, or both.

I have the body of a 75-year-old.

Adrian_O said...

I have a root canal tomorrow at 3:30 - I'll be there!

kevinW said...

I won't be there tonight -- I'm dragging today. Coughing... wheezing... yuch. This blows, figuratively and literally.

Have a margarita for me.

nicol said...

I worked for an endo-surgeon in Florida and Adrian, you won't be there tonight! :)

Hope it all goes well. Hope you like cotton.

Kevin, feel better soon. Get it out of the way now, since the weather is finally cooperating.