Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Ride Report

Nada. Zilch. Again. I am getting tired of this cold, windy, weather. It is extremely difficult for me to motivate myself to ride solo when the wind is above 25 mph and the temp is below 50 degrees. It was also my son's 18th birthday on Sunday, the Masters was on t.v., I had an audition to listen to, we had to get groceries, do laundry, blah, blah, blah.

My wife and I went north on Saturday to get some stuff at Sam's Club - afterwards I persuaded her to drive with me out to Branched Oak to see if we could see some of the race. We didn't have time to stay, so we drove once around the lake in the outside lane to see what we could see. Coming around the west side of the lake we saw Kevin Murray working hard coming up the big hill there. I rolled my window down (my wife is saying "Don't yell at him, he'll probably just get startled and fall over") and tried to cheer him on. He gave me the funniest look - I think he thought I was some random idiot yelling at him:) At least he didn't fall over - or punch me. Man, those folks (saw Janna and Megan too, but didn't yell at them) are tough to race in that weather.

No class for me at Southeast this afternoon because of All-City Music Contest, so I think I'll head out to Cortland. I have 250 miles to go to reach my goal for this month, so I better get cranking. Time to HTFU, as the bike forums members like to say.

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kevinW said...

Gravy and I rode out to Pioneers Sunday to watch the crit. It was COLD up on the hill. Damn, this weather.

I see the next couple days it's gonna hit high 60s -- with 40 mph gusts. We can't buy a break.