Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rode in today!

Doctor gave me a thumbs up to jump on the bike so I rode in today for the first time since early October. I start physical therapy tomorrow. Probably be doing that for awhile. Surgery is still not off the table, but for now it's a wait-and-see approach to see if the disc settles down enough so that it doesn't hamper my everyday life. Once you blow a disc, it doesn't go back to normal, just a matter of how much discomfort you're in.

I still have numbness in my thumb and arm, but I can live with that if need be.

Being on the bike doesn't hurt it hardly at all. I'm gonna have to flip the stem back over so the bar is a little higher and closer. But it's good to be back riding again and getting some exercise.


gravy said...

You picked the first hard freeze of the fall to head out?

You are all hard core!

I shall call you Tanker-Bell!

nicol said...

Yay! You rode in!

kew said...

That's funny, Gravy. Yeah, it was a wee bit nipply out there -- according to Die Ideen.

Are you guys still riding on Wednesdays? I'm not up for a road ride, but could do a trail ride for some coffee or food.

Bob K said...

I'm going to ride Wednesday night - I'll probaby do the regular road ride (although I wouldn't mind taking my hybrid out on the Jamaica if people want to do that) I would definitely be up for going afterwards for food and drink.