Sunday, October 5, 2008

Segways and Pacelines

I have been amused and informed by the posts on this and other blogs regarding drafting Segways and riding in pacelines, so I thought I would combine the two activities into one post.

Here is a Segway paceline - they need to work on closing the gaps to achieve a better drafting effect:

Here is a video of a Segway team practicing their close formation riding - notice that the same thing happens to a Segway as happens to a bike if you don't hold your line and you rub wheels when riding in a group:

I hope that the operator wasn't injured, and don't want to take advantage of her misfortune for the amusement of others - I posted the video in the hopes of promoting safety for current and future users.

And finally, a picture that has nothing to do with pacelines, but I found it amusing and disturbing at the same time, so I posted it anyway:


Adrian_O said...

That is funny. Cant show off in the paceline.

kew said...

a segeway endo!

nicol said...

The last one with the stroller is just hilarious. It looks like it takes twice as much effort to push the stroller than it would walking! :)