Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yep, still here

Everybody needs a good push now and then.

Gigs, rehearsals, concerts - mine and my kids - have been a daily event for two weeks now.

No riding either inside or outside (the closest I've come to a ride is last Saturday's lunch to celebrate Nicol's birthday - at least we talked about riding).

When the weather is good (almost never) I am too busy to ride.

When I have time to ride (almost never) the weather sucks.

Heading to Chicago next week after two weeks of not riding.

This is how I looked last summer   ()  

This is how I am starting to look   (   )

This is how I will look after my Chicago trip   (      )

I need to push myself to get going again - no excuses.

When I do start riding again, maybe da terminator will give me a good push up the hill like Santa in the above pic - I am likely to need it.


nicol said...

I feel like that lately too. It's the time of year.

Giordanos in Chicago? Eat a slice for me. I know Gravy will want the whole pizza! :)

Bob K said...

There is definitely danger of Giordanos next week. Stay tuned.

kew said...

Bob -- I feel your pain. I haven't been riding regularly since October. Hopefully by spring, I'll be ready to ride again. There's no way I'll be hanging in group rides, though.

gravy said...

Way there's way, kew. It's only partly about the trip but mostly about the destination.