Saturday, February 7, 2009

Road bike: "Is it spring already?" Me: "It is today baby!"

Woke the road bike from its winter slumber today and rode out to Spraugue for a 25-mile ride.

Sometimes rode fast (for me)
Sometimes rode slow
Sometimes rode straight
Sometimes road squiggly

You get the idea. Hope you got out and enjoyed your Saturday.


Bob K said...

I tried to call you to see if you wanted to go out - you must have been on the road.

I went out to SW 12th and took that out to Pioneers Park for a couple of laps - got passed out there by a guy on a singlespeed who was intent on crushing my soul, then rode home on the path with my tail between my legs.

Nice day, though.

kew said...

I thought about giving you a call, but figured you'd crush me since you've been using your trainer.

I was just happy to be out there.

Bob K said...

Not much chance of crushing anybody. I need to do the trainer just to give me a chance of staying with all of you racer types.