Friday, February 6, 2009

Something was missing

With the beautiful weather, I rushed home from work yesterday and got in a quick ride out to Sprague.  But there were definitely some things missing, including:

1) skull cap or balaclava

2) long fingered gloves

3) booties

4) jacket

5) wind and cold

Man, it felt good to be free of all that stuff.  It is supposed to be nice again today and Saturday, albeit kind of windy.  I'm trying to decide if I should go to the Saturday morning trainer session, or head outside (supposed to be 54 degrees, but with a 17 mph NW wind).  What do you think - inside or outside on Saturday?


da terminator said...

Both! Or you can come to Hickman and do the 5 mile Animal Run. All the cool kids will be there! You want to be like the cool kids, don't you?

kew said...


Never indoors!

Adrian_O said...

65 today!

Bob K said...

da terminator- - if you think I'm slow on a bike, you should see me run. Time me with a sundial.

Yeah, Adrian, record highs today - I want to rush home again and see if I can get in 15 or 20 miles before dark.