Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Wine

This morning we started out the day with a bike ride around campus and the surrounding neighborhood. We took a picture of my son's future apartment complex, and then rode from there to the music building to see how long it would take - 5 minutes even at Mom's pace. :)

Paul's apartment complex

After the bike ride we drove a little ways out of town on some beautiful roads to a couple of local wineries. There was a cycling tour traveling on the same road. We saw a number of fully loaded cyclists (with their gear, not with wine) and several couples on tandems pulling their gear behind them.

First we went to Kings Estate winery, which is one of the largest and probably best known of the Oregon wineries. The winery itself is perched at the top of a large hill - it looks like it is in the middle of Tuscany.

We started at the tasting bar, where they feature a sampling of eight different wines.

After the tasting, we settled on their Pinot Gris and ordered lunch at their award winning restaurant. The scallops and the crab cakes were amazing.

We will be coming home with several bottles of their Pinot Gris, as well as a bottle of Pinot Noir and a dessert wine.

One amusing side story - as we were leaving we noticed a drivers ed car (with an instructor and two students inside) leaving the winery.

Following lunch, we headed to the Sweet Cheeks winery, where we had another tasting and picked up some more wine. Sooner later we will need some help drinking all of this wine, so a party may be a necessity soon.

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