Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ok, tomorrow go green

I'm going for a bicycle ride tomorrow... short and/or far, cold and/or hot, windy and/or hilly... bum shoulder and all.

I will NOT be dweebing.
I will NOT be leading.
I will NOT be attacking.

I might be toodling though.

who's with me? GO GREEN


Bob K said...

I will be greenin' it, with priorities on staying in the back and remaining focused on post-ride activities.

Bob K said...

I will also be riding somewhere for food and drink w/Peter B. at 5 tonight - give my cell phone a call if you want to join us.

kew said...

Alright. I will plan on showing up. But I'm not in shape to do a long ride.

It would be foolish of me to do a 30+ mile ride when I haven't ridden that far the entire year.

That's all I can offer.