Monday, March 8, 2010

First Group Ride

Got a call from da Term on Saturday to meet up with some other folks at the Y for an afternoon ride - my first group ride this spring. I think there were nine of us, some familiar (da Term, Gravy, KimC, Richard, Steve) and some faces that were new to me. We headed south into a pretty brisk breeze, regrouped at Sprague road, and were enjoying ourselves and the nice temps enough that we decided to head out to Cortland. Unfortunately, right after we got to Cortland the wind shifted to the west and was a crosswind instead of the tailwind we were looking forward to having.

We made our usual stop at the gas station for refueling:

After grabbing a snack or a drink there (thanks for the Snickers, KimC), we headed over to the brewery.

Janna loved the samples so much she decided to bring some home :).

It was a lot of fun riding in a group again - looking forward to the increasingly warm weather and the opportunity to get out more. Word in the group was that Bike Pedalers will be starting up some no-drop rides on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, so stay tuned for more info regarding those rides.

Also, I got a notice today that TdN is almost full, so if you were thinking of going, now is the time to get registered.

See you on the road (or gravel)!


da terminator said...

Are you sure the wind changed or was it just all the sampling we did?

Bob K said...

Do you mean that day during the ride, or all winter?

For me, I think the sampling I did all winter had more of an effect.