Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I decided to brave the wind and went out for a solo ride Monday afternoon. The temps were nice, but the wind was tough. It's hard to keep your mind in it when you are working hard in your small front ring going downhill. What a difference after turning around at Sprague and heading through Roca. I hit 40 mph for the first time in a couple of years coming down the hill on 54th street by the quarry (the older photo Adrian referred to on Facebook was actually 44.1 mph - still my highest max speed, and was from 2007).

Monday night I played my only Monday Night Big Band gig for this month - Loup Garou came on down to listen and hang out. Always more enjoyable to play with friends out there.

Today I may go ahead and try the Bike Pedalers ride - it's going to be windy and I will need to be sucking wheel like these two:

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