Monday, April 19, 2010

Time to catch up

I haven't posted anything in a while, so I came to the conclusion that either I need to write something, or just let this blog die a natural death. I still hold out hope that this can be a place for people to post ride (or FAC) announcements, pictures, stories, or whatever.

The last three weeks or so have been pretty stressful for me and my family. Kind of a long story which begins with the natural frustration we have all felt due to the long and harsh winter. Seems like everybody I talk to is behind where they usually are this time of year.

Anyway, about three weeks ago, we had LPS spring break. I was looking forward to riding a lot during this week, but was unable to because my father in law had a stroke and we needed to spend time in the hospital with him, the weather didn't cooperate very well, and because we went through a kind of forced remodel in the kitchen (microwave broke, followed by the need to replace cabinets so the microwave would fit, followed by a new stove and fridge so that all of the appliances would match, followed by more new cabinets to install so the fridge would fit). Also, my rear wheel on my road bike broke (not a spoke, of course, but the actual hub broke). At first I was unable to get anybody to sell me a single rear wheel, but eventually I found one at CycleWorks that Kris sold me cheap. I have new wheels on order from a custom wheel builder ( who comes highly recommended on They should be here in a week or two. Obligatory pic at the Cortland gas station of the new wheel I'm riding now:

And of the wheels I have on order:

At the end of spring break, my father in law passed away (suddenly, but not totally unexpected). We spent the next week doing what was necessary for the family. It is amazing how much it helps when a family comes together when something sad happens.

So recently, I have been riding a lot solo - out to Cortland, or the Roca rollers, or just downtown to watch part of the spring game. Obligatory pic of the huge crowd at the spring game:

We just got my son a bike as well (Kona Jake), so maybe he will join me on some rides. I have done some group rides - a couple of Mondays ago I started out with the JoyRide ride, but saw Janna and Kim and Gravy and others go flying by while we were waiting for a guy to fix a flat. I decided to chase (they were a quarter mile away by the time I started, took me from the Crete bridge to Princeton to chase them down). Turns out that there is now a 6 pm ride on Mondays from the Bike Rack - I will be joining that one when I can. I also tried the Bike Pedalers Thursday ride finally - seemed like good fun, a mix of racers, wannabes, and noobs. We got out to Pioneers Park before a big rainstorm hit - we headed for the shelter and I got out my cell phone - the rest went ahead and did some laps in the rain. I didn't trust my ability to see in those conditions, so I went home.

I'm looking forward to things getting a little more normal - hope to see you all on the road!


nicol said...

Wow. Hope it all gets more normal for you too. Sorry about what your fam's been going through. I had no idea. Send Julie my condolences too, please.

Bob K said...

Thanks, Nicol - you gonna ride with the Bike Rack crew tonight?

nicol said...

Probably not. I have no energy when I get home on Monday. Soon hopefully. But I don't even know if I will be able to keep up these days. You going?

Bob K said...

Yeah - I am spending the day recording bands at District music contest - I will definitely need the exercise to get the blood flowing again :)

kew said...

Sorry to hear, Bob. Hope your days return to normalcy soon.

gravy said...

Wiki saves my memory. Billy Crystal's character was light in the soap.

Bob K said...

So was Richard Mulligan in Soap or Mary Hartman?

gravy said...

I think you're thinking of Jimmy Bullocks who played Monroe on Too Close for Comfort... a spin off from the Mary Tyler Moore show I believe. Ted Knight tied the shows together.