Friday, April 9, 2010

Ground Zero

Make sure you take a second to read today's Ground Zero section in the Journal-Star.

Click here to read the article online.


jmesserer said...


I enjoy reading the article on you and your son this morning. The final for the touring class is this weekend. We are riding down to stagecoach tomorrow afternoon and camping than riding back on Sunday morning.

Angie and I are getting out on the tandem. We need to hook up for a ride sometime.


Bob K said...

Thanks Jordan - let me know when you want to get out for a ride. We have lots of fun group rides in town you would enjoy.

absandahl said...

Bob: Nice article!

Jordan: TDN?

jmesserer said...

Angie and I are IN for TDN.

Actually, had coffee with Bob Torrell last Friday.

Great memories and more to come.

nicol said...

Oh, that's so cool, BobK! I just peeked at the article.

I heard something recently about when Wynton Marsalis came to UNL that Tommy got a comment from him about his playing. OK, that's pretty amazing right there too, just to be acknowledged from an amazing, legendary jazz performer, out of all those other students in any way, shape or form. Nice job, Tommy!

Bob K said...

Thanks, Nicol - are you going to try the Bike Rack ride tonight?

nicol said...

If I am home in time and have the energy, which I am thinking I probably won't. Are you?