Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Good Week

The week really started off last Friday with the FAC at Yia Yia's.  It was great to see everybody again. On Saturday I went on a short ride to Roca - I was going to go do the rollers to Bennett, but I felt lousy (not related to the FAC, I'm sure) and decided to cut the ride short.  On Monday, a nice sized group rode out from the Bike Rack to Pioneers Park - finishing with KimC, da Term, JenDeluxe, Nicol, KellyB, Loup Garou, and I heading to Las Margaritas afterwards for some more good storytelling and laughter.

On Tuesday, the weather was perfect, so I took Sprague road to Crete and then took the Denton Alps past Denton to W. Van Dorn before heading home.  I felt great, and was really happy to be able to do a 50 miler with no pain or fatigue - especially with TdN coming up next week.  Wednesday I drove up to Omaha to play golf with a musician buddy of mine and then stuck around to pick up my oldest son who was flying in from Denver - of course since he was on the last flight of the night, his flight was delayed and we didn't get back to Lincoln until 1:30 a.m.

Tonight, I went out with Jace and Adrian for a ride on the Jamaica trail out to the Roca tavern.  I was feeling lousy in the afternoon and thought of not showing (the late night, the heat, Tuesday's riding and the golf all hit me at once), but as usual, once I got out I was glad I went.  Bonus - we beat the weather home.

(photo courtesy of Adrian)

I won't get to ride much this weekend because of some family activities that are going on, so I'm glad this week was a full one.  Next Wednesday I'll head out for TdN - I'll try to post a pic or two on Facebook during the trip, and then I'll put up the rest of the pics here.  

Have a good weekend!

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