Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two Questions

1)  Where do you all want to meet Friday for FAC?  Shall we keep it simple and just make it Yia Yia's at 5 pm again?  

2) It's coming up on duathlon time  - this year it will be the morning of July 4.  Peter B. and I are registering today as a team.  Who else is in?  More info is here:  http://www.teamnebraska.org/


Rode to Sprague with Jen and Janna last night on Jen's first ride of the year - we ended up at Las Margaritas and talked about having the same destination next Monday rather than next Wednesday - this would work better for both Jen and me since she works later on Wednesday, and I have to pick up my son at the airport in Omaha that night at 10:50 pm.  We will join the Bike Rack 6 p.m. ride and finish with some Mexican food and cerveza.  See you there!


da terminator said...

I'm not sure about the TNT. That's pancake day in Seward...I like pancakes!

Bob K said...

Yeah, I figured that some of you guys would do your Seward ride. I am going to do the race - my teammate from last year has a couple of friends who have registered as a team that he wants to try to beat.

gravy said...

Yeah... I think team Biscuits and Gravy will be a no show. We couldn't find sponsors to support our elaborate uniform costs.