Friday, August 15, 2008

Silo (or Kew), the famous advocate?

Ok, things are definitely spiraling out of control here.  This blog has recently been quoted and linked to in a post in the Advocacy & Safety sub-forum on Bike Forums.  They are referencing our discussion of the recent letter to the editor in the LJS.  Check out post #22.


kew said...

That's funny -- especially since I also penned the "avid cyclist" letter-to-the-editor comments he eludes to. :)

One big, small world, eh?

Bob K said...

Yeah, I read the comments to the original letter as well, and I thought that might be your response in the comments section. Fortunately, the guy on Bike Forums that gives credit to your writing on this blog probably hasn't seen da terminator's portrait of you.

That might affect your credibility a bit :)

kew said...

True, although I do look rather fit :)

By the way, is this blog set up so that anyone can comment on it? Might be nice to get outsider comments as it appears a bike forum member or two checks the site.

Fluxus said...

Yo folks, I dropped your link in there. I know Gravy a bit from previous lives...I like to cruise Lincoln cyling-related blogs, anyway.

There are some useful things on BikeForums, but the Advocacy and Safety section is a joke. The cheering section for that letter is a good example of people who shouldn't be calling themselves "advocates." Silo or Kew or whatever, I totally agree with your perspective on that letter.

There are a few other Lincoln folks on BF, but it seems that most of 'em hang out in the Commuting and/or Clyde sections. I happened to notice that A & S post about Misha's letter searching for newer posts related to Lincoln.

Carry on, everyone.

Fluxus said...

btw, there's a nicely written LJS letter to the editor today from a trucker:

Bob K said...

The blog is set up so that anyone with a google account may comment, but anonymous comments are not allowed. Do you feel that there is a need to change this? If so, I can set it to allow anonymous comments.

Fluxus - welcome, and thanks for the link to the blog, and the link to the letter to LJS!

I tend to agree with you and Kevin ("avid cyclist") - that antagonistic letters and rants don't help to solve anti-bike bias among drivers - if anything, they make us more of a target.

kew said...

Hey Fluxus. Feel free to add your comments anytime on here. Good to hear from another Lincoln cyclist. You a commuter, mainly? I commute to work daily into downtown from Old Cheney via the Rock Island.

The google account thing is good enough, Bob.

It'd be kinda cool if the bike enthusiasts of Lincoln gathered for a leisurely ride into downtown for grub and a pint or two. Kind of a meet n greet type thing. Might have to schedule something like that.

Bob K said...

Have you begun to notice how many of our rides have the priority of ending with food and drink?

.....I LIKE IT!

Fluxus said...

Yeah, I'm a daily commuter, and I do most of my errands/running around by bike unless I'm heading out of town. I go a little longer on the weekends for fun, but nothing organized. I'm mostly on nerd-bikes with IGHs, so I would be dead weight on a roadie ride.

I'm totally down for downtown food/drinks sometime.

kew said...

Hey, I raced and have my gold medal. My career is all about the food and beverages from now on.

Fluxus: Feel free to join us on any of the trail rides you see on here (they'll include food/beverage, most likely). Always happy to meet new bike brethren. Take care.