Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Ride to Cortland

Windy. Hot. Humid.

We took off at 8:30 (because Nicol wanted to leave a little later so she could sleep in). Kevin, Gravy, and Katie (who came because Nicol asked her to on the Wednesday night ride) were all there, and we headed out to Cortland.

Wait a second, if you pull back on the perspective, is that Nicol over there to the right riding the giant wheel bike? I think it is! She did make the ride!!

(Click on the pic to see Nicol riding the giant bike)

Don't forget to wear your helmet at all times, Nicol :)

Sorry for the awful photochopping job, but I was tired.


nicol said...

Dang, I don't remember telling Katie to come on Saturday because I'd be there, but I probably did.

The sleep was fabulous. So was my leisurely breakfast, thank you very much.

Bob K said...

You didn't miss much - it was kind of a miserable ride with the heat and wind - it was more about just getting it over with than about having fun. Made me feel like a truck hit me most of the afternoon.

Bob K said...

BTW, the photoshopping idea was KevinW's - modeled after me giving him a hard time for missing a ride (after he had given me crap for maissing a ride) on this post last year.

nicol said...

I observed through the window of my air-conditioned kitchen the windy conditions outdoors and decided I didn't feel like getting beat-up yesterday morning.

But, I missed hanging out with you all. :)

And, regarding your fun photoshop project, I only wish I would have been able to touch the pedals on that big bicycle. Couldn't you have worked that into the doctored picture?