Friday, August 8, 2008

Wednesday Night No-Crash Ride

In light of Nicol's post on the teamFIRE blog, the crash on last week's hammerfest ride, and with the numbers who have been showing up lately on the Wed. night ride (many new people as well), I decided to give a little speech before this week's ride. I just asked people to call out anything that might cause them to swerve or brake, and mentioned that last week signals were not getting to the back of the group - it seemed well received and I would say that everybody was very conscious of calling out road debris on the ride.

It was necessary, because we went out to Bennett and then through the Roca rollers, and the shoulder on highway 2 is a mess. It was a good ride, with lots of people there (not the 30+ that were there last week, but maybe about 20) - couldn't convince anybody to stop for margaritas afterwards, though. I thought I had Jace, Adrian, and Katie C. talked into it, but they bailed at the last second. Bummed me out, 'cause that was the last Wednesday ride for me before school starts. Oh, well.

Anybody riding the 8 am Saturday ride this week?


kevinW said...

I doubt I'll be there Saturday a.m. I've got a couple things going on.

I'm starting to feel sluggish on the bike anyway (more than usual). The weather has been fantastic as of late. I wanted to get to last night's trail ride, but didn't get home from work on time.

Sounds like you needed a Jen, Gravy or myself for a chalice buddy.

nicol said...

I was wondering who gave a speech Wednesday. Adrian said "somebody gave instructions" but I didn't know who. Glad it went well this week.


Adrian_O said...

I will be there at 8am tomorrow Bob. And i plan on taking it easy.