Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pics (mostly stolen)

I haven't posted many cycling pics lately, so here is the post to make up for that. Some of these are mine, some are Nicol's and some I got from from Adrian and Sean's Facebook photos (since some of you, ahem ahem, are not on Facebook and might have not seen them yet.

Here are some pics from recent rides on the Roca Rollers - Adrian probably took the ones that I am in. In the second pic, you'll notice that I am observed from the usual perspective of valiantly trying to catch up with the group (I am on the right). Some of the photo subjects are reluctant to have their pictures taken, and insist on remaining anonymous.

On Friday, several teammates and friends rode with celebrity Phil Keoghan (host of the Amazing Race) as he rode to Omaha. Kudos to all for participating - and to Janna for becoming a video vixen (see kew's post below). I couldn't be there, but I stole some pics from Adrian and Sean so that those who aren't on Facebook could see them.

On Sunday, Gravy and I rode over to watch the Tour de Husker criterium. Most of these pics are mine, but the first two with me in them are from Nicol. At least she got my good side. Kudos again to Megan, Anna, Kevin, Janna, Kim and all of the other racers on surviving a very tough day.


kew said...

My thoughts on this pics:

1) Gravy looks better with a black square on his face.

2) Bob, did you ride your rode bike in jeans? Bonus Fred points!

3) I still have a man-crush on Phil.

4) I feel out of the loop by not being on Facebook.

Adrian_O said...

KEW - i always knew you were "that way".

Bob K said...


1) no comment

2) Yes, I am Fredilicious. Gave me a saddle sore, though. Looking forward to getting that Surly for those kind of rides.

3) See Adrian's comment.

4) So join already!

Adrian, regarding your comment to Kew: