Monday, October 22, 2007

Husker/Blues Monday Ride

I have the week off from work, so along with the getting the yard ready for winter (cross-training, according to Dave) I want to ride a lot this week. Does anybody know if the Blues ride is happening tonight? Does it still leave at 6 pm? Anybody else going to brave the cold and wind?


kevin said...

Not sure if they're still doing it. I'll bet it's pretty sparse, considering the wind today. Better bundle up.

It was a chilly ride in this morning.

Bob K said...

Well, I didn't go if they did have a group ride. I decided to take a short ride by myself earlier in the day to check out some changes I made to my setup, as I haven't really felt comfortable on the bike since June. I raised my seat a bit and flipped the stem so I now have the bars about 1-2 inches below the seat. Also finally got both derailleurs adjusted so that I can shift without chain rub.

So far, so good on the position change - I felt stronger and more natural on the bike than I have in a long time. We'll see on Wednesday if the changes work on a longer, faster ride.

kevin said...

The teamFIRE ride is caput until spring. It's on the blog.