Sunday, October 28, 2007

Slow can still be fun

Saturday morning I headed out on the ride Aaron organized with Aaron, Janna, Kelly, Nicol, Megan, Gravy, Mark, and a guy named Matt? who I had not met before. Got dropped on the way to Denton, and finished the ride with Nicol, Megan, and Gravy. We turned in back towards Lincoln at W. 84th and Van Dorn, took a lap around the park, and headed home on the paths for a nice easy 30+ miles. The fast group headed north to 34, and then returned through town - saw Kelly this morning, he said they ended up at about 45 miles. I think it is time for me to realize that the laid back, conversational rides are more fun for me than blowing up the legs, lungs, and heart trying to stay with the racers. However, for the masochist in me, there is nothing like spending Saturdays experiencing that feeling of dismay as I watch the wheel in front of me slowly but inexorably pull away - and then following that by watching Texas do the same thing to the Huskers.

On another note, I was sick of the beat-up top tube decals, so I took them off. What do you think, should I get new ones, or take all of the decals off and go stealth? If I remove the decals, will the weight savings make me go faster? :)


kevin said...

Bob -- I vote for the stealth look. That would look sweet on that ti frame.

I know what you mean about working your a$$ off just to stay with the group. For me, I have no desire to race, or even go fast. I'll just go the pace I go and enjoy the ride. I'm not in it for training or trying to go faster, etc. I just like to get out and ride my bike -- absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I would have been there with you, but was out of town for the weekend.

Adrian_O said...

Decals, paint and bars off!

Bob K said...

Bars off? Won't I do a Hincapie face plant?