Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Winter Bike

I am thinking of getting a different bike to ride during the winter months. I am also looking for a bike that I can take off-road (more likely Mopac type trails rather than MTB trails) and that I can ride with the family on more leisurely rides. The way I see it, I have three choices:

1) Hardtail MTB
Pros - entry level MTB can be had for $300, can ride it on any surface
Cons - Slower, heavier, position will be different than on the road bike, won't be as much fun out on the road

2) Singlespeed Cross bike w/drop bars and long reach brakes
Pros - good for spin and strength training, lighter and faster than MTB, position can duplicate road bike, easy to maintain
Cons - not as versatile as MTB, tougher on the steeper hills (this could also be a Pro), more expensive than MTB

3) Cross bike with 9 speed cassette, drop bars, and disc brake
Pros - More versatile than singlespeed, lighter and faster than MTB, can duplcate road position. With slicks can function just like the road bike on the road, or switch to knobbies for off-road.
Cons - $$$

Unfortunately "all of the above" is not an option. My wife is still giving me crap (good-naturedly) for buying a road bike that cost more than all but one of our cars.



Adrian_O said...

All of the above. :-)

kevin said...

Bob, your pro/con list leads me to believe you're secretly yearning for a Surly Cross Check.

Tons of options (even single speed if you want to go that route).

The Kona Jakes are nice too, and a little cheaper. Ask Aaron about his new baby.

Only thing about the complete Cross Check is the bar-end shifters. I like them, but you may not.

Funny, I'd like a new road bike, but that ain't going to happen for awhile.

Bob K said...

Somehow I had the feeling that would be Adrian's reaction.

You're right, Kevin, I think I would have the most fun with a cross bike like the Surly. The prospect of having two kids in college next year may make this whole discussion moot. Hmmm, does Moots make a cross bike?

c_c_rider said...

a cross check is a great bike, but over $1000. a cheaper alternative is a bianchi san jose: great bike, not pricey, SS = low maintenance and simplicty, can take racks and fenders for commuting, and you can race cross on it too (not heavy). they have both these bikes down at the wrench, go give them a test ride and see which one you like.

Bob K said...

Thanks for the link to the Bianci, Conrad. That bike is definitely closer to my price range. I am not really interested in racing, just in being able to continue to ride all winter and to have a bike I can take on limestone trails.

A SS bike would probably be a good training bike for me as well since I am not a strong climber - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Adrian_O said...

C-Rad - What is it exactly that you are pointing at?

Ho fo sho said...

The Cross Check can be built-up as a SS for a lot less then the 18 speed you see on the wall (and then upgraded later). Talk to Nate at Monkey Wrench, and make sure and tell him you are on teamFIRE!

Bob K said...

Thanks for the input, everybody! Now I just have to come up with a great Christmas present for my wife to help convince her that another bike is a good idea.