Sunday, October 7, 2007

Unpredictable weather

I've been itching to get in a good, long weekend ride for two or three weeks now. It seems like something (prior commitments, bad weather, etc.) always conspires to keep me from going out. I spent all day Saturday judging marching bands at the Harvest of Harmony field competition in Grand Island. On the way home from G.I. I passed several storm chasing vehicles - not a good sign considering the forecast for Sunday (today) which called for strong storms. When I woke up this morning, the weather looked threatening, and you could just feel that the humidity had to build up to something, so I decided to get all my yard work done before the storms hit. After finishing with the yard, I ate lunch and looked up the weather online. Looked like just about anything could happen with the weather at that point, so I decided (acting on Adrian's advice) to put the bike on my car rack and head out to Pioneer's Park to do hill repeats. That way, I wouldn't get too far away from my car in case of storms. Decided after about the fifth or sixth circuit that you really shouldn't do hill repeats right after lunch. The pukeometer was registering pretty high. Finished with the workout, I put the bike on the car, which was the signal for the clouds and humidity to immediately dissolve into one of the nicest days of the fall. Oh well, at least I built some character.

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Adrian_O said...

Awesome! How are the legs feeling?