Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More TdN fallout

Just a little more info to go with Bob's pics. It rained on us four times, but not during the day (except for a little drizzle on our way into Ord on day 1). Every night except one there were storms in the area. We got used to packing wet tents.

The riding was great. Temps were in the low 80s every day and 60s each night. I actually got a little chilly as I packed a lot lighter this year (no jacket, no pants and just one thin blanket for sleeping).

The toughest riding days were day 2 and day 5. Day 2 we rode into a 15-20 mph head wind most of the way through the sandhills. Beautiful country -- just two sag stops as we did not go through any towns. Day 5 were rolling hills -- about 40 miles worth. Like an idiot, I rode fairly hard for the first half, not realizing we had 20 more miles of rollers to do, so I finished with no legs left.

It was an easier route this year compared to last year as the route was mostly flat and we had either no wind or a slight tailwind for the majority of the time. All in all a good time was had by all, except for one gentlemen that hit the base of a road sign and went endo on day 3 (I think). He had to be hauled off with an ambulance with a pretty mashed up face. He did not finish.

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