Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TdN - Day 3

On day 3 we rode from Atkinson to Neligh - the whole route was either flat or slightly downhill, and there was no wind to speak of. Since the scenery was not that interesting, we started a paceline with some other riders and rode at 20+ mph most of the way. Made for a quick day.

Here are the pics:

Early morning preparation for the day's ride.

Riding in a paceline helped us make better time and conserved energy.

The Pamida store in O'Neill had free pancakes for us at our first rest stop.

Having eaten two breakfasts already (one at the campground, and one at the Pamida store) you would think that I could wait till Neligh for food. However, when we stopped at Ewing at the Broadway Bar, these were waiting for us - possibly the biggest brats I have ever seen. I couldn't pass up one of these:

We also stopped for a quick break in Clearwater at the Waterhole bar - according to the sign, though we just missed getting free beer :).

The showers at Neligh H.S. were interesting to say the least. Out of about 8 showers, two of them actually worked. I had to take a picture of this one (although I did get some questions as to why I was bringing a camera into the shower). You win the prize if you can figure out where the water is going to come out.

The town of Neligh did a great job of decorating for us. The couple in the bottom picture are tandem riders Jordan and Angie from Lubbock, Texas. They were strong riders who did a lot of paceline riding with us - nice folks to hang out with, as well.

After showering and eating lunch, we toured the old Neligh flour mill. Very interesting to see all of the contraptions that went into making flour.

Dinner in Neligh was at a nice steakhouse. If you see me out on a ride - ask me about the story when Al Maxey tried to order ice cream for dessert.

After dinner, it was back to camp for some relaxing and good conversation.


kevinW said...

Great pics, Bob. One of my favorite tour moments: we're sitting in the bar in Clearwater and two girls (about 10 years old) walk in with a tray of baked goods their mom made, saying "Welcome to Clearwater!"

Everyone chipped in a buck or two and they walked out with probably $20-25 and big smiles -- priceless.

Bob K said...

Yeah - I had forgotten that. That was a nice moment, and typical of some of these small towns.

Bob K said...

It hurts my back just to look at that pic with Bill carrying that huge camera on his back. I don't know how he did it.

nicol said...

Hey! I have been to that flour mill. It was about 20 years ago, however. I thought Neliegh was a scenic town.