Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday full of bikes

Celebrated my Father's Day/birthday weekend by hopping on the bike. Joined the Wilderness Perk ride Saturday morning. Bob and I eventually sagged behind the faster riders and went through Hallam for a fantastic 48-mile ride. Tailwinds all the way home. It was the last long ride before our TDN adventure.

Saturday night, the wife lined up a baby-sitter and gave me my choice of what to do. After careful consideration -- I chose to hop on our bikes for a casual ride down to the Haymarket for dinner. Sat outside at Buzzard Billy's and had a fantastic dinner. Best part -- no circling the area fighting for a parking space. The evening was topped off by after-dinner drinks at Doc's followed by a casual ride home.

Bikes rule!


Bob K said...

I think we're ready to go - see you Tuesday.

gravy said...

What route?

Where's the petition?

What did you eat?

Buzzrd Billies... hmmmmm... wonder if I've been there?

kevinW said...

Buzzard Billies was surprisingly good. That, or maybe I just hadn't been out for awhile. My Angler's Trio (catfish, talapia, shrimp) was fresh and the veggies were not slathered in butter.

I've perfected the route around the detour -- no petition needed. Though it was in the hopper, just is case.

nicol said...

Happy Birthday weekend, Kevin! Was it Saturday or Sunday?

kevinW said...

Friday the 13th -- now you know why I'm a little off-kilter!

nicol said...

Whoa. No wonder!