Thursday, June 26, 2008

TdN - Day 5

We rolled out of Genoa on a fairly flat road, so we made pretty good time early in the day. We pulled into Fullerton for a short rest stop, followed by a pretty good climb out of the river valley, and then about 45 miles of rolling hills. It was like the Roca Roller road on steroids. Pretty road, but tough at the end of five days of riding.

Pit stop in Fullerton.

About halfway through the rollers, the Great Plains Bicycle Club hosted a pie stop - thanks, guys! Kevin and I had joined the Dave's Death March group at Fullerton, so we were ready for a break. After some pie and a deserved rest, we headed out for some more hills and some nice scenery.

Our last rest stop was in Wolbach, where the grocery store in town opened early for us.

Finally, bikes on the car rack, gear in the car, showered and shaved, we had one final lunch at a sweet shop in St. Paul - they have collected 1100 cookie jars to display on the walls.

It was a great trip - and nice to finish this year by riding every mile with no injuries! Good scenery, good exercise, good food, and good people made for a great tour.

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