Monday, June 23, 2008

TdN - Day 1

Here are some pics from the recently completed Tour de Nebraska - I will be posting one day's worth at a time.

Day 1 - St. Paul to Burwell

This was a fairly flat ride (just a couple of hills) with a light tailwind - Kevin and I were joined during the ride by Dan, who was on his first group ride. We showed him how to ride in a paceline, and we ended up making good time - 61 miles @ 18.5 mph.

Final instructions from Rich, then we're rolling out from St. Paul.

First rest stop - with home made kolaches.

Kevin, Doug, and Arnold at a scenic overlook beside the Loup river.

Nice, flat road.

North Side bar and grill in Burwell for a pre-dinner beer and snack - ask Kevin about their baked potato.

The Calamus Outfitters hosted a pitchfork fondue up by the resevoir - 8 steaks on a pitchfork cooked for 3 minutes in boiling oil - yummy.

Kevin and Elsie waiting for their steaks.

Hayrack ride around the property - check out the baby mule.

Dan enjoying the scenery.

A family bluegrass band entertained us while we ate - notice the kid in back standing on a box so he can reach the bass - a future Rusty in training?

S'mores for desert.

There was also a carnival going on in Burwell while we were there.

Here come the storms.


gravy said...

Kevin.. tell me about baked potaters.

kevinW said...

A momentary bout with stupidity. You had to be there.

da terminator said...

Wow Kevin, day one and already throwing yourself at the girls. At least Elsie's cute!

Bob K said...

Yeah, Kevin has a way with the ladies. There was Elsie in Burwell, Mary at the Knotty Pine in Petersburg....oops, I forgot - what happens on tour stays on tour.

Bob K said...

Gravy - we were trying to order appetizers in a bar in Burwell - it wasn't exactly clear what they were. Kevin's questions to the waitress as he read down the menu were as follows:

"What are cheese teasers?"

"What is a munchie plate?"

"What is a baked potato? Oh. I guess I know that one."

Yep, you had to be there.

kevinW said...

Elsie's the only female that would tolerate me. And only if I scratched her belly.

nicol said...

Elsie was on BRAN too, last year. :) I only saw Elsie once in a car, when it was storming.

How was the weather for you guys? I haven't heard much about TdN yet, other than one night there wasn't any beer, for some reason?

Bob K said...

The weather was great, for the most part. Cool, only one day of 10-20 mph headwind, the rest of the days the wind was light and either a tailwind or a slight crosswind. It did rain several nights, but never when we were on the road.

I think the no beer stop was a result of Burwell moving our campground from a park to a local school - the Rodenburgs probably didn't feel comfortable having the beer out in the school.

kevinW said...

By the way Bob, that's not a mule -- it's a baby horse (colt), my wife informed me. She would know, being from a horse family and all.

gravy said...

Ahh.. I know the bars of Burwell very well, both of them.

I take it you visited the one with the multiple pool tables and not the one with, "Karaoke? Hell yeah!" sign on the front door.

Did you get a chance to check out the pizza palour? I've never seen so many graduation photos with cars in them in my life than I saw on those walls.

kevinW said...

Actually, I was in both of them. And the pizza parlour served us breakfast pizza the next morning at the school.

Burwell's business district was pretty cool.

Bob K said...

I could have sworn that the guy running the hayrack ride said it was a mule. Maybe he was just trying to see if he could fool the city slickers - like taking us on a snipe hunt or going cow tipping.

kevinW said...

Where's Day 2 pics? What a tease!

Bob K said...

Patience, grasshopper.

Dan V. said...

Yes the man said it was a mule colt. I have some other pic's and it does look like a mule.