Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Report for today:

Exercise - 45 minutes on the trainer last night while watching reruns of The Office.  I did commercial intervals - easy spin in the small ring/15 cog during the show, and then going as hard as I can in the big ring/17 cog during the commercials.  I find it too easy to quit early when I do this - I think I do much better when I do one of the structured workouts on the Spinevals DVDs.

Weight - 178  I was good and had fish, broccoli, and a salad of red peppers and cucumbers for dinner last night.

Reading last night, I got inspiration from this article about a former racer who quit cycling, ate a lot, gained a lot, trained a lot, lost the weight, got strong, and is now on a ProTour team.  Make sure to play with the slider thingy on the picture at the top of the article - highly entertaining.

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