Monday, January 18, 2010

KC Sprints

On Saturday (after spending the entire day putting in a new garage door opener when our old one broke) I went to Duffy's to meet Gravy and Kew and to watch the KC Sprints roller races. Gravy was his usual anonymous self:

This picture is from the FFL blog.

The races featured two guys going head to head on rollers - the front fork was fixed so no fear of falling. The racers were required to go all out for 500 meters - a full on 30-40 second sprint. They had two modes of competition - challenge matches and a bracketed tournament. I left before the tournament as I:

a) had more work to do on my garage opener to finish the installation.
b) was not all that entertained as it was pretty much the same thing every time - 30 seconds of two guys pedaling like mad, followed by 5 minutes of setting up the bikes for the next two guys. It would have been more fun if I had known more of the racers (or if I was inclined to wager).

These guys were brave enough (or stupid enough) to chug a beer right before their race.

No puking while I was there, though.

The screen behind the competitors showed speed and distance covered, so you could see who was going the fastest. The fastest I saw before I left was this guy in yellow on the right - who got the computer to register faster than 50 mph. Most guys were in the mid to low 40's.

I was hoping to get outside with the bike this weekend, but just more listening to Coach Troy for me this week.


nicol said...

Hi Gravy! I still see you! :)

gravy said...

I'm a toodler. No sprints for me. I toodled at the Sprints until midnight. Then toodled home.

Bobk, we know you would have liked to have been up on stage. Next time... next time.

Bob K said...

I don't go on stage without my trumpet.