Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good ride, good times

About 12 of us rode out to air park last night for the TeamFIRE Wednesday night group ride. Good group -- we all managed to stay as a group for the most part. Thanks Adrian, for regrouping us out of air park.

Gravy, Jen, Nicol, Megan and myself topped off the ride with a toddy at Heidelbergs. Thanks to Gravy for buying the round. Can't beat that with a stick!

Nicol -- did you survive crossing 40th street?


nicol said...

I lived!

Bob K said...

Sounds like I had to miss a good one. I had a gig that went too late to be able to make the ride. Then, after checking the Lincoln Roadies blog when I got home, I was forced to spend the rest of the evening on photoshop. Thanks a lot, Kevin.

kevinW said...

Good deal, Nicol. Gravy and I were wondering if one of us should've escorted you home.

That's the price of revenge, Bob.

Adrian_O said...

Nicol-you need to share.
BobK-You missed a good one, there will be more though.
KevinW-Good ridin with you, good work!

nicol said...

40th street at dusk is scary, Adrian! Especially where I cross over.

And, I may have had a beer beforehand. Only one though.