Monday, May 19, 2008

Sertoma Ride

I headed out with Kevin to Valparaiso for the Sertoma Club ride on Saturday. We ended up doing the 70 mile loop (with minimal tongue in cheek b****ing from Kevin about riding that far) - second longest ride I've ever done. The weather was great, although a bit windy as we rode north from Seward. We joined up with Steve, Craig, and Tami for a while to take turns pulling into the cross wind, but mostly rode by ourselves. It didn't seem like a very big turn out - maybe 50-60 riders. Too bad, as it was a good day to ride and a mostly fun route - especially the last 14 miles through the Bohemian Alps (fortunately, with the wind).

I was happy to be able to do the ride pretty much pain free - although either I need to adjust my saddle slightly or I need to look for one with a slightly different shape to help solve some numbness issues. I currently ride a Fizik Aliante - I may give a Specialized Toupe or Alias a try.


kevinW said...

Want to know what I'm doing in that photo Bob? I'm having a heated conversation with the banana:

ME: "Why in the hell does Bob want to do 70 miles today -- he's freakin' nuts!"

BANANA: "Shut up and eat me nancy boy. I'll get you there."

kevinW said...

oh and about the saddle -- sounds like you're ready to come over to the dark side and get a Brooks.

nicol said...

Ha, that banana won.

Good for you boys for doing that ride. I did it the previous 2 years. I wonder if the numbers are dropping, or if they've stayed the same? 50-60 people doesn't sound like a lot.

Ready for TDN?

kevinW said...

I'd guess there were only about 10-15 doing the full 70.

mmmm... bananas.

Bob K said...

I think we also had about a dozen cookies between the two of us. If they have bananas and cookies on the TDN, then we're ready.

Bob K said...

BTW, when I say we had a dozen cookies between the two of us, I mean that I had one and Kevin had eleven :).

nicol said...

And, a banana that liked talking back to him!

kevinW said...

Bob's not kidding. I'm probably the only guy who rides 70 miles and arrives home weighing more than when I left.

On a side note: I gotta find some biking apparel where I don't look like a complete boob. Either that, or I need to smash Bob's camera.