Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday Ride Report

Last night I went on the teamFIRE Show and Go ride, errrrrr, the GPBC No Rider Left Behind Ride, actually I don't really know what ride I went on. While it is nice to go on a ride with a larger group, and I enjoy meeting some of the other riders, I definitely think that it was a case of the teamFIRE riders going on the GPBC ride and not the other way around.

Nobody announced a route - we just started rolling out at a good clip (20 mph+) south towards 14th street. Kevin and I started out at the back to do our teamFIRE duty, but it became clear early on that this was not a "No Rider Left Behind" ride as there was no waiting at stop lights and no regrouping. At one point, one of the riders I was with asked "Where are we going?", to which I could only reply "South!". After we got held up by a couple of stop lights, we no longer had any chance of catching the pack, so we just rode by ourselves and let others do the same. By the time we crested that first hill going south on 77, the main group was out of sight - and we had no idea which direction they had gone - so we headed out to Sprague, and then back through Roca to get back to Lincoln - a nice 30 mile workout.

I think if the original concept of the "No Rider Left Behind" ride is going to continue, it needs to go back to a 5:45 start time so that it is a smaller group that can stay together easier, and so that everybody is there for that ride and understands the philosophy. There are too many separate agendas on the GPBC ride - some people want to go much faster and would be frustrated by the relaxed pace of our teamFIRE ride, it is hard to get everybody to wait for regrouping, and most of the riders on the GPBC ride are there for that ride and are completely unaware of the teamFIRE ride - except that there are teamFIRE riders riding along. I also think it would make it easier for different team members to take turns helping out at the back - if it ends up being Kevin and me on the back nursing some slow rider into town every week (even though we are the slowest riders on the team), that will get old real quick for us. It is not much fun pulling into town at 10 mph with a struggling rider a half hour after the rest of the group every week. Anyway, that's my $.02.

Now to the good part on the ride - we detoured from 40th street on the way home to stop at Las Margaritas for $2.50 margaritas and some food. As we sat in the bar, two very attractive ladies sat down next to us for some drinks, and after a while started asking us about what we had been doing - were we training for a race, asking about the team jersey, etc. They obviously respected the fact that we would have to be secure in our manhood if we were willing to sit in a bar drinking magaritas while wearing spandex and lycra :). I told Kevin afterwards, if our wives ever get sick of us, we now know what to do to pick up chicks - the teamFIRE jersey is a great conversation starter!

It turns out that one of the ladies teaches spin classes, and was getting divorced the next day from a husband who wouldn't let her ride on the road. She said her first act as a single woman would be to buy a road bike. We invited her to come out next week to the Wed. ride - so we weren't just having drinks and Mexican food, we were recruiting for the team. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The best part of our conversation with the two lovelies has to do with the fact that my beautiful wife was sitting about 10 feet away at a table in the same bar, having a ladies night out with three of her friends. They all thought the entire situation was hilarious. I told her that they may have to find a different place for her ladies night out - as she was cramping my style ;).


gravy said...

Yeah... I found myself in no-man's land plenty of times yesterday. I was catch and get dropped all night last night. I would be with some people, then I'd be alone, then people, then alone. I cried the whole time, cuz I did wear any glasses to block the wind.

The group I chased went through Roca to Bennett.

I eventually went home alone down hwy 2. Got home and thought, I didn't go with the nightcap riders...

So... where's the margarita pictures this time? :D

kevinW said...

The margaritas definitely hit the spot. And the conversation wasn't bad either ;).

My .02 on the "no rider left behind" issue. Maybe moving the time (probably 5:45) so we avoid the riders showing up for the GPBC ride. Nothing against the GPBC (I'm a club member) but they don't advertise their ride as a "no rider left behind" so by leaving at the same time we're sagging behind for riders that may not be on a teamFIRE ride. I would guess half of the riders showing up are for the GPBC ride.

gravy said...

I "didn't" wear my glasses... geesh, I'm such a cry baby.

kevinW said...

The "nightcap riders" -- I like that. New jerseys in the making... hmmmm...

Bob K said...

Sorry Gravy, no pics this time - didn't want to be creepy guy in spandex in the bar taking pictures for his blog.

Plus, my wife doesn't appreciate it when there are pictures of me with other women posted on the internet :).

Adrian_O said...

Love your bar story Bob.
As for the the teamFIRE ride...sigh...why can't we all RIDE along??? It is a bit of a pain when the pack is 22+ and you get stuck in the back. Trust me I know. Bob and Kevin...THANK YOU!
Gravy - i feel your pain. Skeeters in the eyes is the worst. I too had to ride back on 77 alone. I thought peeps would stop at the Bennet gas station but nope. YOU ALL KEPT GOING!

gravy said...

We should totally form lines.

People who came to blow off steam, get in this group.

People who came to get miles in, leisurely, get in this group.

Then both groups elect a spokesperson to announce before takeoff where they are going and where they will take stops, if they are taking stops. Then each group take count of how many people are amoungst them so they know if they are all together or not throughout the ride.

Wow, that sounds complicated. Maybe I should stay home and perfect popping popcorn instead. :)

Bob K said...

I think that Congress needs to form multiple committees to study Gravy's proposal.

kevinW said...

What if you want to blow off steam by getting in some leisurely miles?

Guess that throws a wrench in the whole system.