Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wheel truing

My road bike's rear wheel is out of true. I have an appt. to get it repaired but I want to learn how to do it myself -- anyone have experience truing wheels? I'm afraid to put wrench to spoke on my own for fear that I'll do irreversable damage.

I want to become self-sufficient dammit!


Bob K said...

Try the Park Tool web site.

Or, take a six pack with you when you take the bike to the shop and see if they'll let you watch and learn as they work (before they drink the beer).

gravy said...

I did a quick check on youtube.

All you need to do is wear dark sunglasses, get some maaaaaajor air and um... get ummm... a special um.... tool.

kevinW said...

Thanks Gravy -- that's 2:35 seconds of my life I can't get back. That dude was smoking something maaaaajor.

Bob K -- yeah, there's plenty of those sites out there, but truing isn't something I want to learn without someone standing over me yelling -- "NO, what the hell are you doing that for!"

Now that I think of it -- my wife might be of use for this...