Friday, May 23, 2008

Here's your chance to get one of these

It seems our very own Lincoln has been selected by Bicycling magazine for their annual "Biketown USA" event. They're giving away 30 Trek Lime bikes to people willing to use them -- it's your golden opportunity to get that cruisin' trail bike, Bob!


Bob K said...

OK, what are you trying to say here:

A) my shifting skills are such that I need an automatic transmission to shift through the grand total of three gears.

B) I am so old and decrepit that I need to have a setup that has me sitting up straight with the handlebars a foot above the saddle.

C) my butt is so big that I need a saddle that has the same amount of padding and is approximately the same size as my couch.

Actually, all kidding aside, that type of bike is very popular in Europe where people ride everywhere - and dressed in whatever they are wearing at the time.

nicol said...

I love those bikes! I already sent my essay in saying why I NEED it. :) I hope I win.

My 80 year old Grandma has a Trek Lime and rides it every nice day she can. It's very cool. I have tried it out before and had a little bike envy when I gave it back to her. ;-)