Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Zoo Bar Ride

Tonight I passed on the teamFIRE ride, got on my old Trek hybrid, and took the Jamaica trail down past Haymarket Park, through the Haymarket and into downtown with a musician friend of mine. We hit Yia Yia's for beer and pizza, then headed over to the Zoo Bar to listen to a salsa band in which a few friends of ours play. Man, the Zoo Bar is way more pleasant now that there is a smoking ban. When I used to play gigs there before there was no smoking my wife would make me leave my clothes in the basement and take a shower before I could come to bed.

The ride down would have been fun if not for the brutal 30 mph headwind the whole way. I thought I was going to have a nice, leisurly ride and got a workout. I can't wait to hear how the Wed. night road ride went.

Here is some video that I shot with my cell phone of the band - completely worthless in a dark bar, but I figured I had to try it sometime.

Next week I am in Chicago for most of the week - eating too much good food and not getting any riding in. Although, I have a friend I played in a band with at Disney World while we were in college who teaches music in a suburb of Chicago. He is getting ready to go on Ragbrai and might have time to do a ride with me if I can rent a bike. Otherwise it is either the July 4 early ride with teamFIRE to Seward, or the July 5 GPBC ride to Wilber, and then a week off.

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kevinW said...

As much as I like music and having a cold alcoholic beverage, you'd think I'd have been in the Zoo bar -- but I've never been.

That might have to be a nightime bike trip one of these weekends.