Friday, July 25, 2008

Saturday Ride?

I'm thinking about this route for tomorrow:

Either start at Wilderness Perk, take 77 to Roca road, take the rollers out to 43, then go south on 43, or start at the 27th and Hiway 2 bridge, take 2 out to Bennett, then go south on 43 (has the advantage or disadvantage of skipping the rollers, depending on how you look at it).

Take 43 south to Adams, then go west back to 77, and take 77 home.

Should be a total of 55-60 miles, conversational pace, we could either stop for breakfast in Adams (nice little breakfast place on the main street), or stop for lunch in Cortland at the little place where we stopped on July 4.

Wind is supposed to be out of the NE before 9 am, then switch to the SE later in the morning, and should be pretty light (10 mph or less) all morning.  We should have a tailwind or slight crosswind most of the ride.  I could either leave at 8 am, or a little earlier if we want to take advantage of the north wind for the first part of the ride, but preferably not before 7 am.

Anybody interested?


Adrian_O said...

I'm game!

Bob K said...

Preferred start point/time?

Adrian_O said...

8am? Wilderness Perk- maybe we can convince some of those riders to go with.

kevinW said...

I'm in as well, but I have one caveat -- can we depart at 7 a.m.?

I'd like to be back by noon. If that is too early, then I can ride out to Roca Rollers with you guys and come back on my own. No biggie.

I suggest we do the Rollers because I can't get enough hills ;)

kevinW said...

8 a.m. is fine, now that I read Adrian's 8 a.m. suggestion. I don't want to inconveniece everyone for me.

I'll plan on riding out with you to the Rollers, then probably head back solo.

Adrian_O said...

It doesn't matter to me really. I would like to be back by noon as well.

Bob K said...

The earlier the better for me - we have a family thing in Omaha in the afternoon. 7:00 am at Wilderness Perk?

kevinW said...

7 a.m. at Wilderness Perk -- see you there.