Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ricco and other musings on Le Tour

So I woke up this morning, turned on Versus, and found out that Ricardo Ricco, and indeed, all of Saunier Duval, were gone from the Tour de France.


Watching the mountain stages in the Pyrenees, Ricco was the one guy who looked like he could attack and go off the front in the mountains at any time. Now I know why he looked so good. Even as I was watching him attack earlier in the race, the niggling thought existed that reminded me that he looked dominant in the mountains in the same way that Rasmussen did last year. At least they got him out of there before he won more stages or took the yellow jersey in the Alps, as the potential was there for him to do.

The problem is, the race needs guys like him who can put the hurt on the guys who will dominate the time trials, like Cadel Evans. Who wants to watch somebody like Evans just kind of hang around the peloton in the mountains, protect a 1 second lead, and then destroy everybody in the TT? It is more exciting to see a good climber attack in the mountains, get a big time advantage, and then see if they can hold on during the TT.

How about Christian Vande Velde? Looks like maybe a podium finish for the American if he can hold on in the Alps. Very cool to see.

Is it a coincidence that so many former Postal and Discovery guys have tested positive? Hamilton, Landis, Heras, now Beltran, have all tested positive (none while working for Bruyneel, however). Hmmmmmm. Maybe Johann Bruyneel just used better doctors.


nicol said...

Bob K!

Welcome back. I have looked at all your cool pictures you put up. Looks like you had a fab time.

I wanted to say "hi, and welcome back" to you last night and there were soo many people. I was a bit overwhelmed. Did you hear KevinW and Gravy- man got their chalices at the Fox?

nicol said...

OK, go ahead and chat about EPO, I am done. ;-)

Bob K said...

Yes, there were several chalices consumed - Gravy, Jace, Kevin, Jen, and I all stopped by after the ride - you should have come by as well, it was good fun.

Bob K said...

And thanks for the welcome back.

kevinW said...

I now very little about the Tour, though I've been watching portions of it on the Internet, when I get the chance. It's facsinating to watch for a newb.

The Chalice was everything I thought it would be, and more! I have declared it the official Wednesday night teamFIRE pit stop.

Bob K said...

I don't know, I liked the chalice, but it is hard to beat the cheap margaritas at Las Margaritas.

gravy said...

I still think we should have done both!

Bob K said...

I like your thinking, Gravy!